x, y, z

January 12, 2019

x, y, z

Medium: Point Cloud Images
Collaboration with SpatialCo, Julia Zin and Arjan Sandhu

The project included 3D laser scanning of Red Hill Skate Arena - a locally heritage listed building in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - to capture measurable spatial data through the creation of a three-dimensional point cloud. The 1920s building has formerly been a cinema, a sound lounge and a skate arena. Following a devastating fire in 2003, the building’s ruinous state provided an ideal space for many well-known Brisbane street artists.

The spatial investigations, using 3D laser scanning technology, document the concrete structural elements as well as the seemingly banal dust, peeling paint and discarded objects within the interior space of the building. The images created demonstrate the capacity of the technology to move beyond the measurable to reveal intangible aspects embedded within the fabric of this iconic heritage building.

Exhibited 14 to 25 January 2019 at Onespace Gallery, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia →